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Things That Fall Brings

It's that time of the year again; oh the things that Fall brings. I always felt like life becomes an eye opener around this time. You have the chance to see and do so much of what's left of the year. Other than the fact that my birthday starts in this season, there's so many significant reasons why its so important to me. The change of weather, elevating style, and executing whats left of your goals are all the remarkable traits that I believe makes the season Autumn stand out.

I love taking heavy breathes of air in the mornings in this chilly season. Everywhere I go I see the golden hues of nature all around me. The leaves die but bless the trees and ground with colors like red, yellow,orange,and brown.These are all warm colors that compliment the dark colors I'll be wearing this time of year. And lets not forget the crisp air that demands you to start wearing your favorite layers of clothing.

This type of weather brings out creativity in styling. It makes me coordinate my year round pieces like my leather jacket with my fall essentials like ponchos and circle scarfs. In the photos above I styled my favorite print of the year. A camo skirt in red! Since it wasn't cold, I wore it with a deep v neck long sleeve body suit & strappy sandals. But one of my new favorite fall needs is laced knee high boots. Heeled or flat, knee high boots suits a lot of the outfits I put together. I have yet to get my hands on some black heeled knee highs but once I do I'll be sure to flaunt them. Other than my love for styling there is one thing I notice about this season that I always look forward to.

I have a pattern every year that brings me closer to my aspirations in life. I start the year by making goals and planning them out. Then slowly I start accomplishing these projects in the Summer. And everything seems to fall into place in the Fall. I may not get all of them done but I do appreciate what has been done. And in the Fall season, I take that time to acknowledge it and share it with the world. And for whats not done, I try to plan it out in preparation for next years tasks. And in the winter I relax and enjoy the holidays.

So from conquering my assignments, enjoying the weather shift, and doing it all in style i'd say are easy explanations as to why Fall is my favorite season of the year. So what's yours? Leave a comment or message me on social media : @PatriciaTommy

Love & Peace,


Bodysuit: American Apparel | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Zara | Shades: Tom Ford

Photographer: TribeElite Productions

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