International Women's Day Dinner Performance

I had the pleasure to perform at the 2nd Annual International Women's Day Dinner in Flint, Michigan conducted by Manira Galanter.It was requested for me to sing Malaika by legendary South African singer, Mariam Makeba. I also had leisure time to speak with Avanté, a 22yr old resident of Flint working at the hotel my bunch stayed in. After assisting us with extra towels my mom invited her join us for the event. She explained the alarming dovetailed events her community is going through of having poisoned water running in their homes. Although her area of Flint wasn't contaminated she was still in deep worry for her family & friends suffering from the crisis. And even though tons of water has been donated to the area she stressed that no one wants to spend the rest of their lives bathing from water bottles. Hearing her story and experiencing so much more within the short time, I've learned to open my eyes and be even more grateful for what I have.

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