Say Yes by D-Black ft. Sean Tizzle

Spot me playing a model in my first video shoot for D-Black's "Say Yes" video ft Sean Tizzle.

Read below for the back story of how I magically ended up in the video.

In February, my sister was chosen by Champion Studios to be a featured model in Ghanaian rap artist D-Black's video shoot. She asked if I could do her makeup and be her assistant for the day.

When we arrived at the location I was introduced to the director and I recognized and old college friend that now works for Champion Studios. They asked if I wanted to be in the video and I was a bit shocked. I'd never been a video girl and was originally there to be my sister's makeup artist. Plus I had nothing wear! They told me not to worry and that they'll figure something out.

So I did my sister's makeup and helped her decide what outfits worked best for each scene. I browsed my surroundings & noticed BET International was there and many other Africans in the entertainment business. I did my scenes feeling nervous and out of my comfort zone But everyone complimented me calling me a natural. My sister of course nailed her personal scene with Sean Tizzle. She looked so effortless and fierce. The whole experience was new to me. In my mind I kept saying to myself "one day I'll have my own music videos to my songs".

By the end of the 7 hours shoot I connected with everyone there. And I made sure I got interviewed by BET International and that everyone would hear my voice before they left. I felt so bold and fearless at that point. But most of all it felt good to do something I had never done and leave people with smiles by hearing my voice.

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