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I Googled Myself & Smiled!

Last night I was doing my regular routine of watching prep talks on YouTube and editing my media when randomly I decided to google myself. I don't really google myself because usually what pops up are my childlike Tumblr posts from ages ago. But after learning so much about investing and branding myself from innovators like Tai Lopez and Shameless Maya, I got curious to see if my self promotions were taking effect.

So I started typing my name and noticed my name was already appearing in the drop down. Yass! That means my name was becoming popular to search! But it was the new results that shocked me. First I came across my Kennedy Center performance and my website. And of course the usual social media posts from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But I also found a press release article on Congresswoman Eleanor Norton's website of me performing at the National Mall last year 2015.

Then I found an old article of Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine talking about one of my YouTube covers of my then favorite Frank Ocean song "We All Try". I remember the first I saw that article back in 2011. I was so stoked that I was getting positive feedback on my covers. Ijustjust kindof shocked to see it was still up after all these years lol.

But it was a video that I came across had me a bit stunned. It was a recent performance at a funeral for Mrs.Moore, my mom's recent patient that passed away on New Year's Day. I was there the day she passed and sang to the family to lift their spirits. So to see the video of me singing at the funeral, my memory was refreshed and delighted that I could a sorrowful moment feel a bit better by just singing. So I saved the post and smiled. What a calming way to end my day. Thank you to whoever posted my performance and may Mrs.Moore rest in peace.

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